Decriminalizing drugs as a right way to battle drugs in america

April 16, at 8: Many third world countries secretly support drug production because of the huge kickbacks they get from rich drug kingpins, cartels, and warlords. One thing is for sure, what we are doing today is not working. Never worry that you will get it wrong when you have a resource like directweb helping you.

Tobacco use is legal but its use has been declining over the past few decades.

Beyond Marijuana: Gearing Up For the Battle to Decriminalize All Drugs

It was essentially a declaration of war. I feel that it is time to end this war on drugs. As it stands they can arrest small time dealers and users mostly pot users who pose no real threat to themselves or society who have a small amount and make it look like they are doing something about the drug problem.

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I had depression and anxiety, and self-treated with cannabis and psychedelics. April 24, at If my memory serve me right the consumption of alcohol rose during and after Prohibition.

His drug czar, John Walters, zealously focused on marijuana and launched a major campaign to promote student drug testing. The Drug Policy Alliance and its allies will continue to advocate for health-based reforms such as marijuana legalization, drug decriminalization, safe consumption sites, naloxone access, bail reform, and more.


No one wakes up some morning saying to themselves, "this is the day I'm going to become a heroin addict". When Michael Bloomberg was questioned during his mayoral campaign about whether he had ever used marijuana, he said, "You bet I did — and I enjoyed it. It's not just the threat of imprisonment.

April 17, at Should marijuana remain completely unregulated, untaxed and controlled by criminals. Treating this as a social, general health, and legitimate revenue generating issue will with infinitely more winners than losers.

It costs money to enforce laws. There is simply too much seemingly easy money to be made compared to the risks taken. Wake up and get real, cannabis should be legal.

Why decriminalizing drugs is the only fix for Mexico’s ‘Murder City’

In Portugal where all drugs have been decriminalized, drug use has dropped across the board. April 16, at 7: The video traces the drug war from President Nixon to the draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws to the emerging aboveground marijuana market that is poised to make legal millions for wealthy investors doing the same thing that generations of people of color have been arrested and locked up for.

April 17, at 4: It has now been 42 years since President Nixon launched the "war on drugs" yet illegal drugs are as available as ever. In the late s, a political hysteria about drugs led to the passage of draconian penalties in Congress and state legislatures that rapidly increased the prison population.

Sep 13,  · Other countries in Latin America are considering similar changes in their laws, prompting antidrug groups in the U.S. to say that pressure from south of the border will push the United States toward decriminalization, if not legalization, of drugs.

According to a new survey, 49% of the Irish population is in favor of decriminalizing the personal use of all drugs. “Ireland currently has one of the highest drug-related death rates in Europe,” explains Niamh Eastwood, Executive Director of Release, the national center of expertise on drug use and law in the UK.

May 15,  · The War on Drugs as a Public Health Battle Forty years ago, President Nixon declared a “war on drugs.” This rhetoric framed the drug problem as a.

“Subjecting people to criminal sanctions for the personal use of drugs, or for possession of drugs for personal use, infringes on their autonomy and right to privacy.”. Jun 20,  · Beyond Marijuana: Gearing Up For the Battle to Decriminalize All Drugs The marijuana reform movement has broken through as a legitimate political and cultural force.

Apr 16,  · One [factor] is the ongoing and mounting frustration that not just governments but many people in Latin America feel with the negative consequences of the U.S. war on drugs in Latin America.


Many have concluded that there’s no way to defeat what .

Decriminalizing drugs as a right way to battle drugs in america
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