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I love my husband. This is where I get giddy. Thank you, baby, for making my life wonderful. It asks too little of yourself. I love everything you do and everything you are. Shut it off knowing that, if anything needs to be done, it will be done.

You have filled this life with lots of love and happiness. You're acting like you're nervous or something. On the other, it is to suppose that he has perversely given his human creatures an instrument -- their intellect -- which must inevitably lead them, if they are dispassionate and honest, to deny his existence.

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Thank you for showing me the way, my husband. In a heartbeat, I will always choose you. He's a pretty poor excuse for a Supreme Being.

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First, it is ridiculed. My husband, you are the best thing in my life. Loneliness heaves down on me with all its weight. Practices such as prayer and meditation on scripture may carry the negative weight of now-rejected childhood religious practices.

Why yes, they do. Instead of being all serious, boring guests to tears, you can be the life of the party by offering up funny quotes from the likes of Zsa Zsa Gaborwho certainly knows a thing or two about marriage: Funny quotes are real treasures in a world that often takes itself way too seriously.

You give me strength and courage to pursue my dreams, and you treat me like a queen. I love you, and I am proud of you, my hubby. Funny quotes are real treasures in a world that often takes itself way too seriously. It is a book of lies and contradictions, and a history of bad times and bad men.

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Inspirational positive quotes. If you've some time today, I invite you to join me in this self discovery journey as we go through this 50 wonderful motivational or inspirational quotes. January is a time for setting challenges, embarking upon adventures and putting together plans to push yourself.

Challenges are one of the best ways to spark innovation, test your mettle, change the.

The Quotations Page

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This is where I get giddy. I’m a history buff as well as a motivational quote addict, so historical books fight notebooks filled with quotes for shelf space in our house.

I’m particularly fascinated with the American presidents and their first ladies.

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